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Mystery of my name X)

Posted on: October 18, 2009

Yellow People!

This is my first post and now i’ll introducing myself to you.


my lovely family :)
my lovely family 🙂

Picture above shows my little family (actually i have 7 brothers and sisters).

My father’s name is Tubagus Dasep and because He came from Banten and i’m his daughter, He must use ‘Ratu’ in his daughter name and ‘Tubagus’ for his son.

So, here am I, a super magnificent extra beautiful woman called :

Ratu Evelien Kristiantie Purnama Iskandar.

Ratu means ‘queen’ in Indonesia language. It means i born to be a leader in my life. Yippiee!

Evelien is the name of beautiful princess in Wexambowia that has a cute cat call kitty and she loves to eat strawberry. Cute isn’t it? Ahahaha. Ok, that’s fake. Actually ‘Evelien’ came from ‘Eve’ (Bidadari). Maybe my parent want to have a girl looks like an eve (maybe ~ am I?)

Kristiantie came from Keris (tau kan lo, senjata jaman kerajaan dulu). Sometimes people think i’m a Christian because of my name. Hihi. I think my parent want me to be a strong person.

Purnama. Hmmm… Actually i was born at 18th of April and I’m not really good in science but I think, it should be a full moon in that time. It’s explained why they use ‘Purnama’ in my name. Or maybe, that’s because my face is round shape and it looks like a full moon. Ooooor… It’s because they want me to shining in the dark just like a moon. Oooohhh that’s sweeeeeet…..:))) (Yang pasti bukan gara2 muka aku geropeng kaya bulan.hhihiii).

Iskandar. Is Kan Dar. Is Can Dare. (adalah kaleng berani?) Ahahahaa

So, that’s the secrets behind my name (I think).:))

Enjoy you day Bloops! (I’ll call my reader ‘bloops’= blog people. ahahahaha~)



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